Spring at last


Anemone coronaria ‘Brodeaux’

Hoorah a sunny Sunday at long last with temperature creeping into double figures.  But what to do and where to start? Having been unable to garden for several weekends due to the cold and wet the jobs are mounting up.  The situation isn’t helped by the fact that I have started some major renovation at the top of the garden and also on the patio – they are strangely connected.

Hepatica nobilis

The sunshine has encouraged the dainty Hepatica to open their flowers.  I am really pleased with these as I grew them from seed a few years back and this is at least the second year they have flowered.

Tulipa turkestanica

The first tulips are flowering.  I believe these are Tulipa turkestanica  which is a small dainty tulip native to central Asia.  I used to grow the bulbs in pots and the plants were floppy with weak stems.  Last year I planted the bulbs out into the Big Border which is rapidly becoming the ‘Bulb Border’.  I keep adding gravel to the border and old compost and this has resulted in excellent free draining soil ideal for bulbs. The Tulipa turkestanica is now growing more robustly with good strong stems.

This photo shows my renovations at the top of the garden.  We have removed all the scaffolding boards which terraced the top of the garden, mainly as they were rotting after some ten years of holding the garden up.  Instead of flat terraces I am reverting back to a slope but my plan now is to plant it up with shrubs and large leafed perennials to create a sort of hardy exotic feel to the top of the garden.  If I do it well then it shouldn’t need too much maintenance so the slope won’t be an issue.

In the meantime my eldest son has been making a coffee table for his brother and fiancée’s new home.  We are very impressed with how clever he is; hopefully I will be getting a sewing table soon.

9 Comments on “Spring at last

  1. stunning table.
    That’s a steep slope you have. Shrubs sound ideal.

    • Hi Lisa
      It’s walnut wood with clear lacquer

  2. Any thoughts on what dhrubs/perennials you will be planting? I find it really hard to actually ‘plan’ a new planting area as there can just too many options? Exciting to have a project though!

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