Spring at last

I think that Spring has definitely sprung in my garden, there is certainly a lot of colour, lots of pastels.

The hellebores are certainly beginning to go over with the colour starting to fade although the yellow hellebore seems to retain its strength of colour and picks up the yellow of the Forsythia well.

The garden is animated by the clumsy wanderings of the Bumble Bees bouncing from one spring flower to another one. They are accompanied by smaller bees, whose species I’m not sure of, which take more time to spot but are inevitably on the Pulmonaria turning them from blue to pink.

Primula denticulata


17 Comments on “Spring at last

  1. Hello Helen, a note from Holland with a question. First I like to express my awe about your hellebores. What a beauty. You inspire me to plant an array in my place. I just freed a spot along the hedge, long enough for a nice amount of yellows. I read it is important to prepare the soul. How did you do it and how do you treat these wonders in general. My hedge spot get only sun in the morning but I think that might be fine.
    Thanx for all the fun you give me by following your notes and pictures.

    • Hi Iris
      Mine have been in the ground for a few years now. The soil has had lots of compost added to it. They don’t mind shade but they do need moisture so not dry shade

    • Yes thats where most of my hellebores come from, not far from me. Plus just over the hills from me is where Helen Ballard lived who breed hellebores back the 1960s. Ashwoods hellebores are descendents of the Ballard hellebores crossed with some others.

  2. Sorry for the mistake, ha ha, the soul is of course the soil.

  3. Lovely…here in Arlington, VA we have lots in bloom but it’s been “tortured” with almost – hurricane force winds, freezing temps, drought, and snow! But spring has held on with warmer temps promised by the middle of this week.

  4. Helllo,
    I wish I could post you picture of mine Helebores. They have been planted quite a few years on a very light soil and I myst say I didn’t put in any compost and they are doing really good. Every spring they give me a lot of pleasure lokking at them from my kitchen window

  5. The hellebores are crazy! I probably mentioned that I do not like them much, and that I get tired of everyone else writing about them, but I think if they grew like yours, I would like them more.

    • Hi Tony
      Many thanks, they are quite established plants now

    • Established and happy! The ones I work with are putting up nice healthy foliage now, but we just do not have the climate for them.

  6. Intrigued by your last sentence. Is it pollination that turns pulmonaria flowers blue? I always thought it was just age. I love the variation.

    • Hi ALi
      Well that was my conclusion, although now you question it I have to admit that I dont know for sure

  7. I find myself so often looking at your pictures and wondering how to bring them to life in stitch or paint. As though I don’t have enough on my frame!

    • As do I! I have this thing in my head about doing blossom in embroidery but with the flowers attached to the embroidery, made out of organza. I saw something on a Chanel video of their emrboidery on couture dress (check our their FB site) and it has stuck with me.

  8. Hello I lived in Malvern as a boy for about 6 years, in three different houses, and it is a lovely spot. Are you on the east or the west side of the hills? I am in Somerset and your garden is much more advanced than anything to be seen around here. We must be a good three weeks behind you.

    • I’m Malvern Wells which I think is east. My garden is sort of south east facing

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