Ascot Spring Garden Show

On Point, Tom Hill Garden Design

Yesterday, I spent a pleasant day down in Berkshire visiting the inaugural Ascot Spring Garden Show and also The Savill Garden.  It was particularly interesting to me as I grew up near Ascot and Windsor, only moving to Malvern in 2000, so the day proved to be a real trip down memory lane.

The show is the result of a partnership between Ascot Racecourse, The Savill Garden and The Valley Gardens at Windsor Great Park. Unlike the vastness of Malvern Spring Show in about a month’s time, this is very much a boutique event with just the right mix of nurseries and show gardens.

The event is held at Ascot Racecourse in the area adjacent to the Parade Ring with some nurseries and show gardens outside and some in the Grandstand.

On the Point, Tom Hill Garden Design

In addition to a Young Gardeners show garden competition, the show included six show gardens based on a “Town and Country theme”,  They were all of a good standard and I have included some images from my three favourites on this post.  What was particularly interesting was the amount of colour that had been achieved especially as the gardening season has barely started.

A Garden for all Seasons, Kate Gould Gardens

I like the planting in Kate Gould’s Garden.  The Corten screening provided a wonderful back drop to the fresh spring flowers and foliage. I particularly liked the above combination.

The clever placing of large pots gives interest before the new foliage appears.

The Courtyard, Longview Design

I really liked the almost understated planting in Joe Perkins ‘The Courtyard’ garden, again benefiting from the wonderful spring freshness of Euphorbia, I think this time it was Euphorbia martinii but elsewhere in the garden was my new fascination, Euphorbia characias ‘Black Pearl’. These have been under planted with drumstick primulas and Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’, ferns and what looks like young Dicentra leaves.  I really must try Erysimum again.

There were also around 30 nurseries and a whole host of trade stands but not so many that you found yourself looking for the plants which is the case these days at the bigger horticultural shows.  As you would expect at this time of year the bulb growers were out in force but also some nurseries that I rarely see at Malvern: Architectural Plants, Botanic Nursery Gardens, New Forest Hostas and Hemerocallis.

And I will leave you with my favourite plant from the nurseries, Muscari ‘Siberian Tiger’ and before you ask yes of course some came home with me, along with some Nerine bulbs for the Autumn.

I thought the Ascot Spring Garden Show was really good, and that’s on a cold, damp and overcast day.  As I said earlier it’s a small show, more somewhere to go for a couple of hours than the whole day and maybe combine with a visit to The Savill Garden as we did or a trip to Windsor.

I do hope they repeat the show next year – I will certainly be hoping to go again.

15 Comments on “Ascot Spring Garden Show

  1. Good read, Helen. I was all set to go myself but sadly had to cancel at the last moment to go house hunting in Gloucestershire. It would have been lovely to have bumped into you! D

    • Sorry we didn’t meet up, maybe when you move to Gloucestershire we can meet up. Good luck with the house hunting

  2. ‘Siberian Tiger’ looks rad! I have difficulty trying new cultivars of plants that I really like in their old fashioned form. There is a white muscari that looks like a white version of the classic blue. The others have different flower form. I figure if I try something different, it should be white, or very light blue. The navy blue ones just do not look right to me.

  3. Yes, I can see why you liked the muscari. Lovely big and interesting flower heads.

  4. Those pots are wonderful. Please don’t give me another euphorbia I have to have. ‘Black Pearl’ keeps popping up, and is marvellous, isn’t it?

  5. Snap. I was at the Show and then the Saville Gardens on Friday as well. Also, back manning the NGS Stand yesterday afternoon. We were told the Show will run for at least three more years.

  6. As this is on Elder Daughter’s dorstep I shall definitely try and schedule a visit next time – thanks for the positive write–up

  7. such fresh spring colours and i bet the smell is absolutely delicious!!! I a going to buy some sfresh tete -e tete daffs have some pansies and snatgraaggons but not planted to enjoy over winter. wet autumn now ut 20c degrees bit wrm t night or sleeping. We have had enough wind and rin for now thanks wind blew thousands of trees over and took power out some still without power after 6 days nuisance Ididnt loee it One daughter arrived for a shower expecting her to rrive with dirty wshing except I am having washing maachine probs We rey so much on modern appliances now leaarn to compromise. sherryn has a aasood range gas hobs and good fire so she is ok tht way Retirement villlage around corner were out for 2 days so all those oldies couldnt make their cuppa Bag management as vilage should ve had a genera tor.

    • Helen I know you like old cars – on Sunday we drove down to Ngatea a couple of hours awy to wter gardens with the Jag club. john has an ST150 1958 tht he has restored. Very smart in gorgeous red Kept the hood up as raainy aste having sports car if have hood up!!! Big mixture of cars a lot of new oness and a couple ike Johns. Not an round town car s pretty hr to drive double the clutch stuff with a mosss gerbox ancient and wont csincromeshgrinding the ger lever really putting your foot hardd dow on clutch to change gears Hard est car I have driven (or truck) or tractor back in olden days of double the clutch etc.

  8. Always jealous of the UK garden shows, excited for the show season to be ramping up even if I only get to enjoy through others. I also love the blue and orange planting combo mixed with corten by Katie Gould. The blue muscari and chartreuse foliage cools down the orange.

  9. I thought the show was well rounded for a day out and definitely worth going again next year. It was lovely to meet you at lunchtime.

  10. Beautiful photos. I saw this advertised a bit too late, but will definitely make the trip next year!

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