A Spring Day

Saturday was a much needed sunny day, finally after weeks of grey and damp; the garden positively zinged with freshness.

I think green comes into its own in Spring.  More than any time of the year it acts as not only a foil to the spring flowers but the emerging shoots and leaves have their own vibrancy.

I am particularly pleased with this combination of epimedium and drumstick primulas.  Orange and purple are complimentary colours, making each other sing.  This was a colour combination we saw used so well at the Ascot Spring Garden Show.

Ranunculus ‘Brazen Hussy’

Ranunculus ‘Brazen Hussy’ is a quiet major contributor to the garden, providing a soft glow under the shrubs.  I do like the mix of the yellow flowers and bronze foliage.

Finally, I will leave you with a quick project from this weekend.  I had some old bee solar garden lights which were no longer working so I removed the bees from the cabling and wired them to the trellis. I’m rather pleased with the effect.



8 Comments on “A Spring Day

  1. I wouldn’t have thought of putting orange and purple together in the garden (in fact, I barely have orange at all) but it really works well, as you say.

  2. I love that combination of epimedium and drumstick primulas! I am obsessed with purple and orange together – possibly my favourite colour combo, and you can vary the orange to apricot or brown and the purple to blue or magenta. Love it.

  3. Very pretty! Did you have to trim the old leaves off the Epimediums before you could see the flowers? I’m hoping one day someone will breed a variety with flower spikes that are big enough to rise above the leaves. Then they can change the name to Epilarge.

    • Hi yes for those Epiemdiums I do but for the Japanese and Chinese ones I don’t as their flowers are on long stems above the leaves and the plants do not respond well to having all their leaves cut off

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