End of Month View – April 2018

I’m choosing to resist the temptation to bemoan the weather over the last month and instead celebrate the abundance in my borders.

The tipsy pots are a clear indicator of the absence of the gardener for most of this past month.  Life has been busy with little time to garden but I had a wonderful long weekend last week in Newcastle upon Tyne at the Quilters Guild conference learning lots of new techniques and making new friends.

The weather while I was away was stunning, temperatures up in the 20Cs, which coupled with all the moisture that has accumulated over the past months resulted in a significant growth spurt in the garden during my absence.

The tulips that were only thinking of forming buds are now flowering, and new shoots abound with peonies, geraniums and hosta foliage adding a wonderful freshness and sense of anticipation.

Unusually for me I am really pleased with my garden.  I love the density of the planting which has occurred despite me and due to my lack of gardening last year.  I know full well that if I had seen my border last year looking as per the top photo with the trillium poking its head out among the pulmonaria I would have been busy cutting back the pulmonaria so the trillium was more obvious; this though leaves the plants appearing as isolated islands. Through neglecting the garden and spending less time fussing I have learnt that I love this fuller look.

And this month the garden will all be about the Camassias which are just coming into their own and sadly I will probably miss while I am away at the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling in Austin, Texas.

So that was my garden at the end of April 2018.  I invite you to join in with the End of Month Meme.  You can use it however you like all I ask if that you link to this post and leave a link to your post in the comment box below.


19 Comments on “End of Month View – April 2018

  1. I didn’t know when I posted earlier today that I was, in effect, writing an end of the month view. It wasn’t a view of all of my garden, Glen Villa. That view would have included piles of dirty snow, lots of mud and soggy ground and the winter-long-left-behinds of deer and many other animals. But I did post the best of what is on view — very early spring buds and a lot of hope that warm weather continues.

  2. Such a lovely view along the grassy path with the abundant borders on each side….

  3. Helen, I am just like you. Forever fiddling. Sometimes it takes a diversion to let the garden prove to us that it is more than capable of managing on its own and is all the better for it. I love the camassias and that you’ve planted so many of them. Drifts of plants weaving in and out of each other is what I’m going for now. Here’s my link:
    Have a great time in Austin, oh you lucky thing!

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