Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Centre

The first of, I suspect,  many blog posts from my garden visits in Austin, Texas. Our first stop yesterday was the Lady Bird  Johnson Wildflower Centre, part of the University of Texas in Austin. The Centre, opened in 1982 by Lady Bird Johnson and Helen Hayes, is one of America’s  largest online native floral resources and is dedicated to the promotion of native species.

As  you can see from the oppressive sky the weather was not in our favour yesterday and we experienced what I think is called gullywasher  with just under 4″ of rain falling. There was just time to scoot around the garden taking photos before the heavens opened so I didn’t have much time to stop and consider what I was seeing so I think I will just share some photos to give you a flavour of just how pretty Texan flora is.

The first photo is a Lady Bird Johnson quote which I really liked and thought was so true in so ,any ways.

The idea here is that each of the square beds show you what native plants to use in what conditions – simple but effective.

I may well get a chance to return before I fly home so I may be able to expand upon this post later.

I hope this has wetted your appetite for more amazing Austin gardens, we certainly have seen some fantastic gardens already and there is more waiting for us tomorrow.







10 Comments on “Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Centre

  1. What a beautifully laid out space. Quite different from the gardens we get here, I think. Prairie planting is very popular, and I suppose the huge gardens we have – Wisley and Kew, do have prairie areas, or wild meadows. It is special to see them where they belong. I also love to see lots of different schemes. That way you have inspiration of planting schemes to take home.

  2. The prairie style was something I was surprised to see in Oklahoma. It never occurred to me that ‘natives’ means different plants in different regions. Oklahoma is not as diverse as our region, but is just as fascinating, and in some ways, prettier.

  3. You already posted! I hope you do get a chance to go back when it’s a little drier, although seeing that Texas rain was something!

  4. Helen, I do hope you are able to return! It’s a special place and a lovely tribute to Lady Bird Johnson.

  5. I so enjoyed seeing you. Funny, I didn’t know Helen Hays was involved in the garden’s creation. I remember her as such a fine actress. Do you? Boy, the rain was dismal, wasn’t it? Then, sunny, sunny skies of blue.

    • I had no idea who Helen Hayes was although the name rang a very faint bell. Was great to see you too

  6. I’m glad you got to go back on the Tuesday after the Fling to see it in better weather, Helen. What a deluge that was! Probably not a rain many Flingers will soon forget.

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