GBBD May 2018

Sweet Cicely

Whilst I was away having a jolly time in Austin the garden was busy getting on with life and a new cast was waiting to surprise me.

The first Aquilegia flowers definitely signify the imminent arrival of summer. Sadly over the years the number of long spurred Aquilegias seem to have diminished, something I must redress as they are my favourite.

The Camassias peaked but are still just about holding their own. They will soon be joined by the Alliums and Dutch Iris.

I realised when I was wandering round the garden that a lot of the blooms this month were from shrubs; I hadn’t realised I had so many shrubs.

Lathyrus aureus

On a smaller scale I’m really enjoying the orange flowers of Lathyrus aureus and Maianthemum racemosum

Maianthemum racemosum

Thank you to Carol, who I was delighted to meet for the first time last week, for hosting this monthly meme.


11 Comments on “GBBD May 2018

  1. Those columbine are rad. The orange one in the upper right corner looks something like our native species. I think the white is my favorite.
    I used to grow a few rhododendrons in that group, but not that specific cultivar. They were more popular farther north in rhododendron country. We grew cultivars that were better suited to our chaparral region.

  2. Hi Helen………. we used to have hundreds of aquilegia, some wild, some cultivated. They were hit by an incurable disease called downy mildew. Even the National Collection held by Carrie Thomas was affected and has now closed down. Very sad. We are slowly reintroducing some new ones.

    Love the photos; we have lathyrus aureus – so beautiful. I saved the seed last year and I now have three seedlings……… thanks again!

  3. Hi Helen. It’s lovely to see your garden regularly again. So pretty and motivating for me.
    Helen, I have a favour to ask. Quite a while ago you you published a blog on your Japanese travels about chrysanthemums and chrysanthemum bonsai which I really enjoyed. I too saw this festival in Takamatsu and loved it. It was a long time ago and I have since taken up bonsai with a passion. Your blog made me thinK that I should really have a go at this and that this would be a good topic for our bonsai newsletter so I set about researching how and looking for my photos but sadly I no longer have them. So far I have several plants!
    This made me think that I might be bold enough to ask you if I could reprint your blog? I would of course make all the necessary attributions. My club is the Bonsai Society of Australia and you could look at our page if you were interested in seeing what we are like.

    • Hi Amanda
      Yes happy for you to republish the post with the necessary attributions. Thank you for asking

  4. My acquilegias are just beginning their bloom but I also returned from Fling to abundant growth and lots of green. Texas now has a piece of my heart for the friends I had the chance to visit with, once again and its hospitable people. Love all your blooms!

  5. The columbines ! I really need to up my game there-they do quite well here but after so many years they have all reduced to one purple-y plant -it’s time to re introduce a few more interesting colors. Happy Bloomday -I was happy to get the chance to chat with you a bit in Austin.

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