End of Month View June 2018

What a change a month brings.  Last month I was bemoaning my inability to get sunny photos of the garden; this month it has been a challenge to take photos without the bright sun bleeding out the light.

We have had no rain for two weeks now, possibly longer. There are some plants which are struggling but so far they are the ones that normally die back in the summer, only to reappear in the autumn or spring such as primulas and sensitive ferns.  I am watering the garden a couple of times a week focussing on the newer plantings and then pots every night, well most nights.

Before the heat hit I managed to plant out the rest of the annuals and also quite a few of the plants I bought in Somerset.  One of the main changes is the planting of Buddleja salviifolia in the big border.  It had been growing on the back bank for a few years but was rather exposed and suffered this winter.  So I’ve moved it to a more sheltered position with better drainage and given it a good prune to help it focus on developing its roots.  I have under planted this silver leaved shrub with a selection of plants with silver and burgundy leaves or red, cerise or pale pink flowers.  I am hoping it will create an interesting tapestry next year when the plants have matured.

I am pleased though that the Regal Fern (Osmunda reglis) isn’t yet showing signs of collapsing in the heat. Normally, it is one of the first to give in but I think that having removed the Catalpa from the border there is more moisture in the border helping the plants to survive the heat.  The Shade Border is now so full that you can’t get down the path at the back of it and somewhere in there the cat is hiding from the heat.

So that is my garden at the end of a hot and dry June, here’s hoping that July will bring with it some rain to water the garden.

I would love to see how your garden is doing wherever you are in the world so why not join in with the End of Month View.  All I ask is that you post a link to your post in the comment box below and link to this post in yours.


15 Comments on “End of Month View June 2018

  1. This must be quite a challenge having to hand water. I feel your pain as I am doing the same thing. It wears thin after a while. But still your garden looks green and lush. Surely you will get some before we do!

  2. It’s looking lush and lovely. We have had 4 weeks with no rain, and it looks like no rain for the next two weeks! Eek! I’m having to select what to water.

  3. Heat seems to be a common theme in the Northern Hemisphere. I know it is June and July tomorrow, and that warmth is normal for this time of year, but it still seems odd that everyone else has noted it. We have somehow missed it so far. It is normally warm by now, but it has not gotten much warmer than ninety degrees, and only a few times so far. It will be well over a 110 degrees near Palm Springs, by Thursday, but that is normal.

  4. do hope that you are managing to keep cool and comfortable Helen – not always easy especially at work. Still it must be relaxing to enjoy the garden in the relatively cooler evenings which are fortunately still so long. Your garden is looking fabulous as always. Are those little pots with white labels new purchases waiting to go in the ground or have you been doing some seed sowing? My end of month view is here : https://greentapestry.blogspot.com/2018/07/end-of-month-view-june-2018.html

    • Hi Anna
      The small pots with labels are all home grown plants. Seeds sown last year or before (!) and ignored when I was thinking of moving house. There are more elsewhere in the garden. Something like 20 odd peonies and lilies. Anyway about a month ago I tackled all the neglected pots and potted everything up which as normal when you prick out seedlings meant the volume of pots grew hugely. We shall see how they do.

  5. Hi Helen, considering you’ve had little rain for the last few weeks your garden is looking very lush. Since moving mid April, we’ve had one wet day! I’m beginning to wonder it ever rains in Emsworth. This is my EOMV about my allotment challenge https://wp.me/p1jkAI-3zj

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