The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

This started as a Wordless Wednesday post but then I couldn’t choose which photo and now its a full blog post.

The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company are based in Pershore about 30 minutes from me.  As you can see they grow larkspur and cornflowers from which they make confetti.

I have wanted to visit for some years now but they only open for about 10 days a year when the flowers are looking stunning and I keep missing the opportunity.  However, with my youngest and fiancée getting married next June not far from the confetti fields it was the perfect opportunity to make sure we went for a look see last weekend.

Biodegradable confetti is becoming more popular in the UK as many venues prefer not to have to clean up piles of paper confetti or even rice.  Our wedding venue is located in a deer park and they have very strict rules that any confetti has to be edible by deer so flowers it is.

The sheer volume and colour was stunning.  Aside from poppy and rape fields I have never seen so many flowers growing in one area.  Even the wild flowers we saw in Texas were interspersed with lots of grass whereas this is hedge to hedge flowers.

As you can see I took many photos, mostly because I am looking for design inspiration for my embroidery design course.  I particularly liked the white larkspur with the cerise in the background.  There is something to my eye especially pleasing with the combination of the white flowers and their very green centres.

I foresee some very flowery embroidery design in the future, which no doubt will include my favourite stitch French Knots.

9 Comments on “The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company

  1. My daughter had flower petal confetti a few years back. We made cones of music paper and they looked fabulous. We live just a few miles from this company but have never visited. I will mark my diary for next year after seeing your photos.

  2. What an obscure crop! I have seen fields of flowers that are allowed to bloom out because they are grown for seed. Out in the Antelope Valley (if I remember correctly) there are fields of calendulas that are grown for their orange petals that get added to hen feed to enhance the color of the yolks of their eggs.

  3. Ive never heard of flower petal confetti. This company is so cool! In India we always have real flower petals at weddings but there is no commercial company that provides them, just local flower vendors.

  4. We used their confetti at my daughter’s wedding – but also made our own from lots of rose petals. My birthday was just before the wedding and I asked everyone to buy me roses. Once they had just passed their best I started to dry them. Any surface at home and all the tops of the filing cabinets at work (I work in a Solicitors!) were covered with rose petals drying on paper towels.

  5. Oh it does look beautiful. I’m watching their daily updates on Facebook to see how the flowers are coming along. Hopefully I’ll get chance to pop over next weekend (or maybe I could take a day’s holiday and go in the week) 😃.

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