Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – Sept 2018


The Tithonia are the stars of the Big Border at the moment.  I am really pleased with them having grown them from seed.  They were planting out just before the heat wave and then just sat there until the heatwave broke.  They have quickly put on growth and are now flowering their socks off.  I may just grow them again next year.

I’m also really pleased with the Knipofia ‘Popsicle’ which were added this year.  They are now on their second batch of flowers which is a real bonus and not a feature of my other Knipofia.

I am also incredibly thrilled with this Nerine.  I don’t know its name but the colour is so vibrant and fabulous.

The Japanese Anemones are as reliable as ever and provide a nice elegant backdrop to the rest of the plants.

But it’s not all fabulous, the Kirengeshoma palmata have suffered this year.  The leaves have crispy edges and the flowers have been very slow in opening and appear washed out compared to previous year.

I do like this aster but for the life of me I can’t remember its name or even buying it.  If anyone can identify it I would be grateful.

Coming back to the orange theme the Grevillea victoriae has just started to flower which is good news as it shows the shrub is doing well.  It has started to really shot now and the flowers are finally higher up the plant than previously when they seemed to be hugging the ground.

Thalictrum delavayi was a surprise to find at the back of the woodland border, it seems very late to me but I’m not complaining.

And to end I thought I would include a few more bulbs as I do love bulbs. So here are two Tulbaghia; the one above is Tulbaghia violacea ‘Alba’ and the one below is an unknown Tulbaghia bought from a plant sale a while ago.

I hope you enjoyed my floral highlights for September.  If you are Glen over at I hope you don’t decide to steal this post like you did last months – we shall see.

thanks as ever to Carol at May Dreams for hosting this lovely meme.

23 Comments on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – Sept 2018

  1. Goodness! Another reminder that I missed it this month; and I actually had some Japanese anemone to show off too! They are rare for us. That looks like Aster divaricatus, but I really do not know what it is. There is a native aster here that looks like it, but I doubt that is what you have.

  2. Wow beautiful shot of Tithonia ,it grows well in our summers till autumn.
    What beautiful nerine lily that is we have the common red one that mostly appear after long rainy period.

  3. Your tithonia certainly do look good. I think you’ve done well to get the kirengeshoma to do anything this year. I have one in textbook perfect conditions in deep leafy soil in shade and that is only just flowering now and is much smaller than usual. The other, in half shade, has just about clung on but is very small and dull. The edge of woodland plants have all struggled this year in my garden.

    • Hi
      I suspect my Kirengeshome has benefited from being very well established, I have had it for years. It is well protected where it is and the soil never dries out completely there but even so it isnt looking its best.

  4. Could also be A. cordifolius var horizontalis. But I’m no expert! Love the pictures – what a nerine that is!

  5. Likewise, the tithonia are the unheralded stars of the sunny border this year. Never grown them before, will definitely go again next year. Can seed be saved do you think?

    • I don’t know about saving the seeds but the seed heads look like they might be promising, worth a go

    • Yes I think you right, that seems to be the consensus

  6. I cut my tithonia down at the end of summer & lay many of the stalks down on the ground. They returned from their 3rd year. I did as you & grew them from seed.

  7. My Kirengeshoma palmata looks just like your description Helen, it must be the weather. I have also grown Tithonia for the first time this year, they have been the star of the garden.

    • Hi Brian
      Im rather pleased with the Tithonias, might try them next year

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