A Love Letter to Gardeners

Sometimes the smallest thing can transform your day.  Receiving an email from Lawnstarter this morning telling me that I had received a golden trowel award and was in their list of top 70 garden blogs was great but what really made my day was how they described my blog:

“The Patient Gardener is a love letter to gardeners”

I love that, it actually made me a little emotional.  I have always treated my blog as a personal log, after all thats where the term blog comes from weblog.  I write as I talk and edit spareingly.  I think that gives my writing a real voice.  I suppose my writing style is very influenced by having studying Virgina Wolf and loving her ‘stream of consciousness’ style.

Lawnstarter judge their blogs on five criteria:

  • Gardening knowledge
  • Quality and consistency of writing
  • New gardening topic or approaches
  • Memorable voice or personality
  • Presence on google and social media outlets.

Interestingly, I don’t recognise many of the blogs – it just shows I haven’t been as engaged as maybe I should – but its great  to see blogging friends Dee, Helen and Sarah,  Jean, Gerhard and Pam in the mix.

I’m even more pleased as whilst I have blogged more than last year, I am nowhere near as proflic as I used to be, but this might just give me the impetus to write a little more – its nice to be appreciated.


12 Comments Add yours

  1. irisdeleeuw says:

    Helen, congratulations! I totally agree with the Lawnstarters judging. Keep it going please.

  2. Tracy Perez says:

    Bravo and well deserved

  3. Jenny says:

    Well done. It is nice to be recognized and you deserve ti feel proud of your writing.

  4. Well deserved – and as you say, a lovely description!

  5. Karen says:

    Congratulations! I only recently discovered your blog, and I am enjoying it. Thanks so much for providing a link to the other winners. Some look interesting.

  6. Jackie Knight says:

    Congrats, Ilove your letters, never miss one.

  7. Wonderful news you deserve it.

  8. Oh many congratulations Helen! xxx

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