Start of the Snowdrop Season

Galanthus Ding Dong

Whilst we are still in the midst of Winter, the first signs that Spring is just round the corner comes from the Snowdrops which are beginning to put on a show.  I have a number of named varieties which flower ahead of the normal Galanthus nivalis.   Above is Galanthus ‘Ding Dong’, named by Avon Bulbs as a nod to the marketing jingle of the Cosmetic company Avon..

Galanthus Selborne Green Tips

Next to it is Galanthus ‘Selborne Green Tips’ which is looking at little nibbled, probably because it grows under the bird feeders and the local pigeons seem to try to eat anything, a bit like avian goats.  I am toying with lifting these clumps now once the flowers have finished, splitting them and planting them in an additional location to protect against losing them.

Galanthus Mrs McNamara

Galanthus ‘Mrs McNamara’ is the star of the snowdrops at the moment.  She started flowering at Christmas and being a larger flower really stands out.  I’m not that clued in to identifying snowdrops but if you look at the photo below you can see how much bigger Mrs McNamara is  compared to another unknown snowdrop

This is a close up of the unknown snowdrop which I am sure is a named variety due to its location in the garden but all the labels have gone, even those I put in last year.  I am going to have to relabel and I think I might need to make some notes or draw a plan as not knowing the snowdrops names is an annual event now.  I think I will also look back through my posts and make a list of the snowdrops I know I have and see if I can identify the unknown ones from that.

Galanthus Godfrey Owen

Every year I add one or two new Galanthus (with labels honest).  This year’s new acquisition, so far, is Galanthus ‘Godfrey Owen’.  As you can see it is a large snowdrop and quite distinctive from the six outer petals all being the same size.  Galanthus ‘Diggory’ is also on my wish list as it has quite distinctive texture to its petals.


12 Comments on “Start of the Snowdrop Season

  1. Yes, the season begins. I remember these from last years. I intend to try them to see what is so great about them, but am in no hurry to do so. They just are not such a big deal here. There are so many other things that bloom right through winter here.

  2. You and Mr.P and others have convinced me of the beauty of snowdrops and I intend to follow your example this year. They look lovely and are such a waft of spring hope, aren’t they?

  3. I thought ‘Ding Dong’ was named by Alan Street of Avon Bulbs as a play on the old ‘Ding Dong Avon Calling’?

    • Arh I assumed wrong then and if any one would know it’s you

  4. Oh the snowdrops seem so early this winter Helen. I’m hoping that the predicted colder weather will slow things down. Is your unknown snowdrop a single or double? If a double it could be ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’. ‘Diggory’ is a most special snowdrop and probably my favourite. I have a couple of spares so would be happy to send you one in the green or later this year as a dormant bulb.

    • Hi Anna
      I have just been reading Avon Bulbs catalogue and also concluded that the unknown snowdrop is Lady Beatrix Stanley, which I know I bought. Must do the labels this weekend

  5. All lovely, Helen. I am very fond of the all white Godfrey Owen but I am not sure if I could choose a favourite!

  6. Did you know that Ross and Helen are building up a snowdrop collection and have a catalogue of those they are selling? They have a snowdrop day at Old Court on Feb 22nd.

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