Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – Feb 2019

My selection of blooms for February include a lot of flowers that were flowering last month.  It seems to me that spring flowers last longer than those in the summer.  I wonder if it is something to do with the temperatures or whether they flower longer to give them more chance of being pollinated by the pollinators which are scarcer than in the summer.






A couple of clamps of Eranthis which are slowly clumping up.  I did have Eranthis schwefelglanz which is a pale Eranthis but I haven’t spotted it so far which is disappointing.

Narcissus ‘February Gold’

My first daffodils or narcissus are flowering – Narcissus ‘February Gold’. I planted these bulbs back in the Autumn in a new area where the compost bins were previously.  The flowers are more delicate than I anticipated and I am really pleased with how they look, I will definitely be adding more next year.

Iris unguicularis ‘Walter Butt’

Probably the last bloom on the Iris ungicularis looking a little chewed but still providing a welcome splash of colour at this time of year.

One of the many clumps of snowdrops around the garden.  I am really pleased with how big the clumps are now; I will probably do a little splitting of clumps in a month or so once the flowers have finished.

Galanthus ‘Wendys Gold’

One of my more specialist snowdrops – Galanthus ‘Wendys Gold’ – different because of the gold ovaries and markings on the inner petals.

And a selection of my favourite hellebores

A hellebore seedling

Hellebore Anna’s Red 

So these are the floral highlights from my garden.

For more garden bloggers blooms check out May Dream Gardens, where Carol kindly hosts this meme.



11 Comments on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day – Feb 2019

  1. I can answer the question about the spring bulbs blooming longer. Here in Ontario (Canada) we probably won’t see the snowdrops for another couple months. When things do eventually emerge, if we have a nice cool spring they will last a long time, if we have a day or two of hot weather they are done in a day. This can be very disappointing for those of us who have waited soooo long.

  2. The Eranthis are lovely! I planted 25 tubers this fall and none have come up. Not holding my breath on those. 😦 I love your snowdrops and hellebores!

  3. I have other yellow snowdrops but ‘Wendy’s Gold’ is perhaps the most dependable. I less luck with hellebore seedlings. I always hope for excellence.

  4. These early flowers are such a delight. I would love some of the more unusual eranthis but they are always so expensive and the ordinary one is such a generous seeder.

  5. Lovely blog post! Your garden is looking lovely, so nice to see Spring flowers starting to bloom. Do you have any daffodils?

  6. It was your mention of eranthis schwefelglanz that tempted me into buying one back in 2016 Helen 🙂 It looked in fine fettle last spring but like yours there is no sign of it yet so far this year. I’m wondering whether it might be a casualty of last year’s drought.

    • Found mine today, still there not bulking up as quickly as others

  7. Wow, those iris in the first picture are RAD! I would need to order those here. Except for bearded iris, other iris are not popular here.

  8. The little iris look especially lovely in pots, don’t they? And I love the bright pink hellebore, positively glowing in the sun

  9. I have only been following your blog for a couple of months and have always enjoyed them. They led me to planting lots of different spring bulbs that I haven`t tried before and I have been very pleased with the results. Perhaps when I have conquered technology I will post some photos! Sue

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