Six on Saturday – 24/2/19

Yes I know its Sunday, I seem incapable of remembering to do this meme on a Saturday. I don’t think Saturday has been a usual blogging day for me in the past so maybe that’s the problem.  Anyway, here I am a day late, again, but at least I can now share something other than hellebores and snowdrops.

This is how the garden looked at 9:30 am today and it didn’t really lift until well past 11:00.  But it need give me the opportunity to take some more interesting photos of the first narcissus flowering in the garden, if you don’t count Narcissus ‘February Gold’ which has been flowering for a couple of weeks now.

I think this is Narcissus ‘W P Milner’.  Its a miniature narcissus, similar in stature to Narcissus ‘Tete -a -Tete’. I have a habit of buying random narcissus bulbs each Autumn and then forgetting what I have bought from one year to the next.  I have a preference towards the paler yellows and whites and the smaller flowers.

I have no idea of the name of this narcissus, I have had it for a few years now, but I do like the paler yellow petals to the trumpet. I took the photos when the mist was still hanging and tried to capture the moisture on the petals.  I’ve been playing with the manual settings on my camera, trying to learn how to use the features better rather than relying on auto and macros.  For a first go outside I am quite pleased with these photos.

This narcissus was a surprise, it appeared unexpectedly and I suspect is a survivor from the alpine bulbs I grew a few years ago, well tried to grow, in pots.  I got fed up with them two years ago and decided that I didn’t have time to manage so many bulbs in pots and that I actually preferred the plants growing in the ground.  So the pots were unceremoniously emptied out into the borders and I keep coming across surprises.

My last six for Saturday is a photo of the Crocus tommasinianus that is slowly spreading itself in the border.  The crocuses are the best they have ever been this year and it was interesting to hear, at the HPS group I go to, that other gardeners have experienced the same.  The theory was that the heat last year gave the bulbs a good baking allowing them to produce better flowers, which makes sense when you think they come from Turkey.  As you can see the sun eventually came out today and bleached out the colour in my photo.

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8 Comments on “Six on Saturday – 24/2/19

  1. I’ve got ‘February gold’ which is not going to flower in Feb here, glad to know that it’s name is appropriate in some locations at least!

    • I’m sure I’ve planted it before and it hasn’t flowered. This group was newly planted in autumn

  2. But you didn’t say a word about the Camellia and I’m trying to puzzle out which it is. I went to look at a little meadow of wild daffodils down here earlier and they seemed very sparse so while the bulbs from hotter climates liked last summer I’m not so sure about some of our own natives.

    • I’ve no idea which camellia it is. I have two: one a rescue from the garden centre last chance bay and the other a raffle prize – neither was named

  3. Oh how lovely to see all these beautiful spring blooms! We have a long way to go in my area, and a fierce wind/snow storm all day today so spring seems an eon away…..sigh. Thanks for the reminder that it’s on the way!

  4. YEAH! No snowdrops or hellebores!
    Those crocus are rad! Unlike the snowdrops and hellebores, all the pictures of crocus from the gardens of others makes me wonder if some of the old varieties would do better than the common varieties that I have planted as annuals in past years. (They do not naturalize here, and actually, do not bloom very well either.)

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