Six on Saturday – 27 April 2019

I had such good intentions of posting my six on Saturday post yesterday. I took the photos in the morning despite Storm Hannah gusting her way across the garden sending my neighbours fence off down his garden. But then it all went pear shaped and I caught my foot in a pile of bed linen sitting waiting for the washing machine – I went flying but got back up and limped on with the housework only to stub the same toe on the stair riser at which point I burst into tears and was told by my son to just stop.

It really knocked the stuffing out of me so even sitting writing a blog post seemed to much until this evening. My biggest worry is that I am off on my travels a week tomorrow with quite a bit of walking so I do hope the bruised toe will be better by then. Whilst my toe is a bluey purple the garden is very blue at the moment with the camassias in full bloom.

I love camassias; they do really well in my garden possibly because of the clay soil but it may also be that they are in a slope  so good drainage. They have been multiplying for a number of years now and I really need to thin some out. I did add a few a couple of weeks back to the front garden but the lesson I learnt was that camassias don’t transfer well when they are about to flower. However, they should look great next year.

But its not all Camassias the Deutzia has just started flowering and as ever is looking stunning.  I inherited it when I bought the house 13 years ago and every year it never fails to deliver a wealth of flowers.

Tulip China Town

Tulip China Town

Last week I showed you Tulip China Town in bud and now its flowering, I think it looks more stunning in bud but its still pretty gorgeous.

And finally, the flowers on the Melianthus major is still unfurling.  The leaves are looking a little frazzled but the flowers are quite wonderful in their weird way.

Those of my highlights this week, next week I’m anticipating the Dutch Iris will be flowering.

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31 Comments on “Six on Saturday – 27 April 2019

  1. Sorry to learn of your bad day Helen, but you did achieve the posting of your message. Hope the toe is soon better.

  2. Mamma said there would be days like that but don’t you just hate it when they all fall together. I do hope you ae better for your trip. The photos are of course lovely .Isn’t that blue striking?

  3. This is my first year for camassia & I unfortunately put them in a new bed that the dogs feel should be a canine freeway. Obviously, they have to move, but the internet hasn’t been forthcoming with when I should do it. I shall follow your sound advice & wait until they’re done blooming. Your deutzia is breathtaking. Hope your toe mends quickly.

  4. Ouch! Hope your foot recovers prior to your travels. I have been admiring camassia in lots of Six posts, not something I’ve ever had. I should fix that…

  5. Oh dear, sorry you have a toe to match your camassias. I never wear shoes in the house so I am always stubbing my toes. It is incredibly painful. I find camassias very difficult to move because the bulbs end up so deep in the ground that it is difficult to get them up without damaging them. China Town is lovely.

  6. I love the star-shaped flowers of the camassias. I have a few here but should really buy some more. (Photography is a great excuse for plant-buying!) I hope your toe feels better very soon and that you will be back in good form for your travels.

    • I have some creamy white ones as well, which flower a few weeks later and are equally lovely

    • They would be gorgeous and would fit in well with a new border I’m planning, so I’ll look out for some! 🙂

    • You are right, sometimes we just have to stop

    • It’s always a good indicator isn’t it

    • Yes, sometimes we need someone to point out the obvious to us

  7. Oh goodness. Nothing should be moved when about to flower, or when beginning to leaf out. Camassias should recover of course. They should be dug and divided while dormant, like other bulbs and such.

    • I know and I knew it was a gamble but worth it as I needed the space where the camassias are growing and if I didn’t do it then another year would pass

    • Oh, I know how that goes. That is why I had to move that star magnolia that I posted a picture of on Saturday. It was in the way.

    • Sometimes you just have to do it and then hope you will be rewarded the following year

    • We did it with amaryllis last year, and even though they do not want to be moved even while dormant, the did just fine the following year. Those things are tough!

  8. Hope your toe heals quickly and does not interfere with your walking. You have reminded me that I should go and get the washing out of the machine instead of sitting around reading blogs!

    • Thanks, definitely improved now

    • Thanks, yes toe is a lot better

  9. Sorry to hear of your accidents. So hope your foot was better for your travels. I’m trying not to trip over everything in the garden. This year I will try to identify the risks and do something about them. I can hardly get in the shed for clutter.

    • Thanks Karen, it is much better now but still not right but hopefully with comfy shoes should be fine

    • Good to hear it’s going in the right direction. I have a habit of tripping over everything in sight. I’m mucking out my potting shed today, which is a total disgrace . I’ve just thrown everything in the door over winter, and now there are trip hazards everywhere! Enjoy your bank holiday Monday Helen. x

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