Six on Saturday – The Wedding

A change of theme, my youngest son is getting married today so no garden photos from me. Instead here a few from the preparations from yesterday evening and my dress.


Normal service will be resumed next week.

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9 Comments on “Six on Saturday – The Wedding

  1. Congratulations. Enjoy your day.

  2. Oh Helen, where does time go? Best wishes to the bride and groom and I hope that all of you have a fabulous day. I also hope that the rain has been thoughtful enough to give you a wide berth but even if it does rain it looks as if you have a most inviting and cosy spot to retreat to. The floral adornment on your dress looks exquisite xxx

  3. Congrats to child the younger. Am expecting it will be quite some time before my youngest gets hitched. 11yo…

  4. Really do love the fabric of your dress. Looks like a great venue. Hope the day brought lots of dancing & good food, memories & joy for the days to come. Hope you’re recovering well today! Congrats to everyone.

  5. How appropriate is the dress fabric for a gardener such as yourself! I hope the day was perfect for you.

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