Six on Saturday – The Wedding

A change of theme, my youngest son is getting married today so no garden photos from me. Instead here a few from the preparations from yesterday evening and my dress.


Normal service will be resumed next week.

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  1. I hope you all have a fabulous day! x

  2. Linda Casper says:

    Congratulations. Enjoy your day.

  3. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day, and your son and his spouse a long and happy marriage.

  4. crabandfish says:

    How delightful – happy celebrations to you all.

  5. Oh Helen, where does time go? Best wishes to the bride and groom and I hope that all of you have a fabulous day. I also hope that the rain has been thoughtful enough to give you a wide berth but even if it does rain it looks as if you have a most inviting and cosy spot to retreat to. The floral adornment on your dress looks exquisite xxx

  6. I’m sure it will be a lovely day. That fabric must be your dress? So pretty!

  7. cavershamjj says:

    Congrats to child the younger. Am expecting it will be quite some time before my youngest gets hitched. 11yo…

  8. Lora Hughes says:

    Really do love the fabric of your dress. Looks like a great venue. Hope the day brought lots of dancing & good food, memories & joy for the days to come. Hope you’re recovering well today! Congrats to everyone.

  9. janesmudgeegarden says:

    How appropriate is the dress fabric for a gardener such as yourself! I hope the day was perfect for you.

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