I’m a plant obsessive and it is only getting worse.  As I cannot afford to throw caution to the wind and cast aside my 9-5 administrative job to set up a nursery I use this blog to satisfy my horticultural leanings.

As with any obsession, it started simply.   A few seeds were sown, an interesting plant purchased, an inspiring garden visited, ideas formed, the lawn was dug up and its been downhill ever since! I adore growing plants from seed and cuttings, I love a challenge, the harder the plant to germinate the better.

This blog has been a catalyst for many exciting encounters and experiences.  I have spent time helping with an RHS Chelsea garden, exhibited plants at plant shows, ‘appeared’ on the local radio gardening show, and now I am acting as a recorder for an RHS plant trial.  I have met bloggers from all over the world and through contacts have toured gardens in San Francisco and Ireland with some amazing people.

So I hope you enjoy the blog.  Please feel free to leave comments as its always lovely to get feedback. I try to respond to comments as much as possible but sometimes life and work get in the way but I will do my best to respond especially if your comment is a question.

Malvern, Worcestershire, UK
September 2015