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For the love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but always grows and grows to an enduring and ever-increasing source of happiness – Gertrude Jekyll


Garden Design

Great Dixter – A Revelation

There are some places that you dream of visiting. You study the photos in books or on-line and you create an impression, maybe a little gilded, in your mind's eye. For me Great Dixter is such a place.  I have... Continue Reading →


The Jaded Garden Visitor

I have run out of enthusiasm for garden visiting, a sensation I am finding quite surprising. Garden visiting is something I have done for some 6 years or more on a fairly regular basis. Until the last year I felt... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The New English Garden

"A garden is inseparable from its legends. It needs, as well as walking, reading" Alasdair Forbes, Plaz Metaxu At first glance The New English Garden by Tim Richardson looks like your typical coffee table book. Large, heavy and full of... Continue Reading →

Nichols Garden – San Francisco

When I came back from my jaunt to San Francisco with the Garden Bloggers Fling I have to admit to being rather punch drunk and gardened out.  I wrote a couple of posts at the time but it is only... Continue Reading →

Veddw: Trying not to say ‘lovely’

Yesterday I finally visited Anne and Charles's garden - Veddw.  I say finally as I have wanted to visit for a while but have been a little intimidated by Anne's approach to how people view gardens and especially the glossy... Continue Reading →

The Laskett

Yesterday I visited The Laskett, nestling on the borders between England and Wales.  This is a garden I have been aware of for some time, reading both positive and negative reviews but had never visited as it is only open... Continue Reading →

My Dream Garden

Stone House, WorcestershireThis post is written as part of the Grow Write Guild - this week the theme is Your Dream Garden When I sat down to write about my dream garden I closed my eyes to try to bring... Continue Reading →

What comes first?

What's more important to you  - plants or design?  For me its plants every time and always has been.  Originally I started with some bedding plants and hanging baskets then as my confidence grew I started to grow a few... Continue Reading →

Restored parterre de broderie – Witley Court

Earlier this week I posted about my visit to Witley Court, an English Heritage property and I mentioned that the gardens had been recently restored.  As promised here they are. The original parterres were designed by landscape architect William Nesfield... Continue Reading →

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