The Patient Gardener

For the love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but always grows and grows to an enduring and ever-increasing source of happiness – Gertrude Jekyll



Goodbye Bog Garden

I had a lie in last Sunday morning, an unusual event recently but well overdue.  The only problem is that it meant my mind was wandering around (I had been woken by my mad cat demanding to be let out... Continue Reading →


The Bog Garden

I have illusions of grandeur and have created what I like to call the bog garden all of which makes me sound like I am auditioning to play Miranda Hart's mother.  The reason for this grandiose pretension is that I... Continue Reading →

Projects underway

With the arrival of some much needed rain over the last few weeks my son and I have finally started on some of the projects I had planned for the garden.  I must admit I am lucky to have a... Continue Reading →

A gardening day at last

Today was the best day in the garden this year but that isn't really saying much as it's the first day I have really been able to spend any time outside due to the cold, rain, frost, ice or snow... Continue Reading →

EOM View: Nov 2010 Warts and All

It's the end of October and the garden is slowly throwing off its summer glad rags and getting ready for a long sleep.  I thought for a change this month I would give you a tour of the whole garden... Continue Reading →

A weekend’s gardening – good for the soul

Finally, after three weekends of not being able to get in the garden due to two colds and family commitments I managed to spend quite a bit of time indulging myself this weekend. It was a little chilly to start... Continue Reading →

An hour of discoveries

Yesterday the weather was just about warm enough for me to brave the garden for an hour - with plenty of layers on.  It was nice to get some fresh air and engage with the garden again after what seems... Continue Reading →

Blogging can make you a better gardener

Garden blogging for the last 18 months has really expanded my knowledge without me really realising that I was absorbing so much information.  However, I realised today that my knowledge has recently expanded even more since I started writing a... Continue Reading →

I have lost all control!

Argh - I have lost all control of the garden.  I know that in truth we can never control nature but even the illusion that I am on top of things has gone.  What with two weekends away, never ending... Continue Reading →

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