The Patient Gardener

For the love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but always grows and grows to an enduring and ever-increasing source of happiness – Gertrude Jekyll



Festive Stitching

I am rather pleased with myself for having finished my Christmas sewing projects before Christmas.  I did think I was being somewhat optimistic at one point especially when I got distracted for a few weeks with knitting a poncho.  I... Continue Reading →


Sheep Pincushion finished

I am thrilled with the Sheep Pincushion now it is finished. The kit is from Lorna Bateman and it is one of two kits I bought to help me learn some new stitches and try some different types of embroidery.... Continue Reading →

Sheep embroidery finished

I have finished the embroidery of the sheep pincushion and I am rather pleased with it. Next up is to trim the fabric and make it into a pin cushion but I need to take a deep breath before I... Continue Reading →

More Paisley or should I say Whales?

Donna's comment on my last post that the first paisley motif made her think of a whale with flowery eyes made me chuckle and since then all I can see are whales. I have completed the second motif now which... Continue Reading →

Paisley Ponderings

I had been making good progress on the paisley designed cushion cover but I suspect I am about to take some steps backwards. In my last post I mentioned how frustrated with the transfer method suggested with the pattern in... Continue Reading →

Roman Blind Project

I could start this post by saying its ages since I posted etc etc but I hate that so I won't instead I will show you one of the projects I have completed this weekend - The Roman Blind.  I... Continue Reading →

PJ Bottoms Finished

I am rather pleased as I have finished my youngest son's PJ bottoms rather quicker than I anticipated.  I think my biggest problem, as I said in the last post, is bringing myself to cut the material as I worry... Continue Reading →

The First Cut is the Deepest…

....well maybe not the deepest but definitely the hardest and most challenging for me and I suspect it is the reason I don't do much sewing. Apparently when I made myself some Pyjama bottoms (see link on my other blog)... Continue Reading →

Today I made a skirt

Yes I know amazing isn't it! I used to do loads of dressmaking about 25 years ago and I want to start making clothes again but I need to find my confidence.  Back in the day I was a standard... Continue Reading →

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