The Patient Gardener

For the love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but always grows and grows to an enduring and ever-increasing source of happiness – Gertrude Jekyll



Aspirations for 2017

I have resolutely avoided blogging about New Year resolutions. I am a great believer in doing rather than saying and it is easy to say I will do this or that but actually carrying it out is another thing.  I... Continue Reading →


"But the beauty is in the walking - we are betrayed by destinations" - Welsh poet Gwyn Thomas Having to some degree drifted through life for the last 10  years or so in the same job, the same house and... Continue Reading →

Happy Christmas


West Coast of Japan – A threatened beauty

My trip to Japan wasn't all about the gardens, it was more about experiencing Japan  and trying to get a little insight into its fascinating culture.  As I have said we travelled in a sort of zig-zag south from Kyoto. ... Continue Reading →

Going state-side 2017

I'm rather thrilled that I have registered this weekend to attend the 2017 Garden Bloggers Fling which will be hosted in the Capital Region of the US. I loved the 2013 GB Fling in San Francisco and made lots of... Continue Reading →

Festival of Quilts 2016

Being of a somewhat obsessive nature having started embroidering again I unsurprisingly started to seek out magazines to feed my obsession. Whilst my real interest is embroidery, mainly as I can do… Source: Festival of Quilts 2016

World Embroidery Day 2016

Today is World Embroidery Day when we are meant to go to public places and share our love of stitching. A lovely sentiment but for me I will have to share virtually as having spent the day painting… Source: World... Continue Reading →

The Laundry Bag Finished

So I have finally finished the first sewing project in my new sewing room.  Did I mention that I now have a sewing room?  Its a rather grand title for my son’s bedroom which I have taken owne… Source: The... Continue Reading →

Suffolk and N Essex Garden Tour – Day 1

Our first day started with torrential rain causing delays on the motorway  causing us to be late for our first garden of the four day garden visiting extravaganza that we were embarking on.  Due to the awful weather, the owners... Continue Reading →

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