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10 Comments Add yours

  1. Jim says:

    Hello there-love your site. First time visit. I think you can have a fantastic garden this upcoming year. It looks like you have great room to have one. My name is Jim and I live in Utah. Our weather has been nasty for the past week-well below zero with windchill factor taken into consideration. The reason I’m leaving you a comment is because I’m trying to get the work out about my ebook. I’m a square foot gardener and have had tremendous success in 148 square feet of space. I’m a certified SFG instructor and was trained under the watchful eye of the inventor of the SFG system-Mel Bartholomew himself. Through the years I’ve been able to learn the two biggest mistakes that get in the way of a successful SFG and I wanted to produce a small pamphlet about it. The book is really directed to folks who’ve had a SFG and failed, or who just want to get off on the right foot and eliminate the common mistakes that can hamper them. It’s been reviewed by Mel-which you’ll be able to read on my blog, but one can always gather more. Would you be interested in reading and reviewing it? It’s only $6.99 but of course it’s free to you. It’s my first ebook with more coming in the future. I’ve been able to sell almost 1500 of them in less than a year so for me it’s been pretty successful. I don’t even have it available on Amazon yet, but I’m working on that as we speak. Anyway, let me know if you’re interested. It’s 60+ pages but it’s a very quick and fun read. Thank you…hope to hear from you soon. If you’re not interested in reviewing it, that’s OK too. I still think you could look into putting in some SFG’s in your yard. It would be perfect with your setup…Jim

  2. Olá ! É um prazer em poder conhecer seu blog.
    Gosto muito de plantas e jardins, estou preste a fazer um em minha casa. Posso adicionar seu link no meu blog ?
    Tenho visto que a maioria dos blog, não tem uma opção de diomas para outras línguas, isso torna-se muito difícil a comunicação entre outros países.

    1. Helen Johnstone says:

      Welcome, you are welcome to link

  3. Linda says:

    Hi, just tripped over your blog whilst searching the internet to help me identify some plants I bought. I’m really new to gardening and suddenly obsessed, despite complete and total disinterest my entire life.
    Anyway, just wanted to drop a line, say Hi, loved your blog and can identify with you in so many ways, especially the over-committing bit!

  4. cgillis2013 says:

    Hello, I was just introduced to your blog by WordPress. It was one of their occasional suggestions and one of the very few that I agreed with. I also have a garden blog, very different from yours, since it is about making a new 6-acre garden in Olathe Kansas in the US. the conditions here could not be more different – Pure clay, alkaline soil; temperatures that range from about 10F in the winter to 100F in the summer. The blog is about the creation of the garden, the design, the process, the challenges, and some of my thoughts about garden design. I hope you will take a look at it and enjoy it as I do yours. The blog is at

  5. Dear Helen
    I saw a post from you somewhere of Ledebouria ovatifolia and I happen to be on the lookout for this species for a while and especially yours as it appears to be the real one. I grow lots of South African bulbs here at home in the Netherlands. ( If you still have the plant, and could spare some offsets you would make me a happy man, and of course I will send you some Massonia’s back in return.
    Kind regards

  6. Christine says:

    Having just read your blog about sewing and doing more dressmaking, I think you will find the blog ‘Did you make that’ interesting. Apart from the patterns and clothes, she has written helpful blogs about fitting – always so important!

  7. christian says:

    I’m a big reader of your blog I run a gardening/landscaping service in Manchester & Cheshire, you can check out my portfolio on

  8. Richard says:

    Hi Helen,

    I was researching for a growing vegetables and fruits infographic/blog post and came across your Courgettes are Go! post. I really enjoyed the post and it’s great to see your courgettes coming on well!

    I have published our infographic here: (feel free to remove the link if you’d prefer) but I would love to hear your feedback on the guides and if there is anything I can do to improve it.

    Keep up the great blogging!


  9. kevin says:

    “gardeners Beehive” its not really a hive but a habitat. Nothing like it in the world! just thought you and your readers might like to know. A better way to save honey bees directly!

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