The Patient Gardener


Well its the end of another year and I have compiled a mosaic of shots of the front garden, the focus of this year’s End of Month View, through the year.  They aren’t quite all from the same spot but I think you can see the changes.  The biggest change was the removal of the Descampsia grasses at the end of the lawn and it is a decision I don’t regret.  There… Read More

I thought I would do a similar post to last year showing some of the highlights.  We had a slow start to the year with snow on and off from January to March but finally in April the weather changed and we ended up with a long hot summer which gently merged into Autumn with us hardly noticing the change until the cold winds of winter crept up on us. This year… Read More

This is the third year I have done the Boxing Day Flower Count and I have to admit that I really thought it would be a non-starter this year as there seemed to be very little flowering, if anything, in the garden this year; this does seem strange considering how mild it has been in recent weeks. The majority of the flowers are on early spring bulbs amongst my growing collection of… Read More

I don’t go in for New Year resolutions as I think they are unhealthy and put you under pressure to achieve something which you will no doubt fail to achieve as you have never achieved it before.  But I have projects, plans and aspirations for 2013 many of them garden related. In practical terms there are a number of projects that I want to carry out or even complete.  To start with… Read More