The Patient Gardener


The all day rain that was forecast today didn’t appear, well it was over by 8am.  The sun came out and I spent a happy afternoon planting some conifers which I will tell you about soon.  I took the opportunity to wander round the garden and have a good look.  The majority of the garden is still green and only the Amelanchier and the Acer leaves have started to turn. The garden… Read More

I am finding foliage more and more interesting as a background to flowers and also as a way of creating texture and interest in the border without relying on flowers.  However, all that is irrelevant come the Autumn when the changing leaves steal the show no matter what is flowering in your garden. The Acer above is a real favourite of mine mainly for sentimental reasons as my sons bought it for… Read More

Went out with my garden club this afternoon to visit a local private garden.  As per all our visits it rained!  I cant believe this time last year we were having a heat wave. The colour of this Acer was very intense.  What you cant see is that the plant had been pollarded and must have been a huge shrub/tree at somee point.  We couldnt decide if the owners were very braze… Read More