The Patient Gardener


Not a lot of gardening has happened today; the wind and cold were not really conducive to pottering. Despite the skies being heavy with wintering clouds, there were moments when the clouds cleared and the sun shone through making the Anemanthele lessoniana glisten. The Phormium, growing in the same border as the grass, is one of those plants that I am in two minds about.  At this time of year I love… Read More

Back at the end of May I posted about the beheading of my Aeonium.  The plant had got so ridiculously tall that I decided to take a friend’s advice and chop the top off and root it in some gritty compost and I was reliably told that the remaining stem would sprout new leaves.  Being a obsessive seed sower and propagator I considered the remaining stem which in my opinion was still far too… Read More

Today I finally took the plunge and decided to deal with my ridiculously tall Aeonium.  I woke up very early, the sun was shining and it was a bank holiday.  So I decided that I would seize the day and take advantage of the early start but getting some jobs done in the garden and greenhouse before my teenage sons woke up and we went to the local flea market. As you… Read More