The Patient Gardener


Take one group of overgrown leggy aeoniums add… a pile of old terracotta pots and a few trugs of sandy gritty compost and you get a whole load of aeoniums which I am now wondering what I will do with if they take. When I got my first aeonium it took me some time before I had the courage to chop the top of the plant and pot it up.  But when… Read More

Due to the perpetual rain I decided to take the easy option and take my foliage follow up photographs in the greenhouse.  The focus of this month’s post will be my small collection of tender succulents.  I didn’t intend to collect them I just kept buying them and now I find myself seeking out new aeoniums which I find particularly fascinating.  First up though is Echeveria elegans, one of my first succulents,… Read More