The Patient Gardener


When I started taking photos in the garden this morning it didn’t feel as though there was a lot in flower.  My garden feels like it is in a bit of a lull between early summer and late summer which I am sure the lack of rain for the last month hasn’t helped. The roses and geraniums are over, although many of the roses are building up for a second flush, and… Read More

I returned from a heat wave in San Francisco to a heat wave here which has only just ended.  It has left the garden dry and frazzled especially the front garden which has less shade than the back.  I can’t remember when the front lawn was last cut but luckily as it is full of clover and other ‘weeds’ it has retained most of its greenness without the need to water. Sadly… Read More

This year I planted a drift of Allium sphaerocephalen along the edge of the front lawn. I had seen them growing at Cotswold Garden Flowers last summer and liked the fact that they were one of the later alliums to flower. They have thrived in the warm and dry border and I am particularly taken with the way they open their florets from the bottom up so they look like they have… Read More