The Patient Gardener


The other day I wrote a post while trying to work through some thoughts about my allotment and it seems to have struck a chord with many.  I talked about how I was struggling with the allotment mainly due to the pressure of time and also the distance of the plot from home.  I was really pleased to receive so many supportive comments. Many of you were right in that by the… Read More

Yesterday I read a lovely post on WellyWoman’s blog which was a Love Letter to her allotment written especially for National Allotment Week. WW’s plot is exactly the same size as mine and like  me she  has  had it  for 18 months, there isn’t even that much difference in the amount of rent we pay.  WW obviously loves her plot and it has made a real difference to her life.  This got… Read More

Its July down the allotment and despite the rain and low temperatures we have been having it’s not doing too bad.  As you can see the courgettes have started to fruit.  The one above is Courgette Floridor and I have already had 4 fruits off it.  I also have Courgette Clarion and picked the first fruit today.  Both plants are very healthy but the same cannot be said for my dark green… Read More

I picked my first  2 strawberries today – well I say 2 but one of them isn’t really fully ripe.  The trouble is I also removed 5 half eaten strawberries from the plants which I am presuming the birds have had a go at so I decided they weren’t getting the big fat nearly ripe one too.  I had hoped not to have to resort to netting the plants but it appears… Read More

I had a very soggy visit to the allotment yesterday.   It was a case of having to go as I hadn’t visited for just over a week and as I am away next weekend it would be another 7-8 days before I would have another opportunity.  As I have been working so hard at the plot I wasn’t too worried about the work that might need to be done but I wanted… Read More

Whilst I have been looking forward to a long weekend in order to potter in the garden and tackle the allotment (note the difference in the choice of verbs!) I have to admit I am relieved we have had so much rain this weekend. Unlike my gardening friends in the South and South East we are not currently facing a hose pipe ban but needless to say the dryness has begun to… Read More

…….cabbages really – not a King to be seen anywhere.  Anyway the point of the title of this post is that I have been a little disgruntled recently, well in fact for about a month, about my cabbages at the allotment. I planted out two beds of cabbages last Autumn.  One bed had January King in it and the other a cabbage called April which is a clue as to when it… Read More

It’s hard to believe I have had the allotment for just over a year, it seems to much longer but at the same time it seems only yesterday that I stood looking at a rectangle of plough field. I haven’t been to the plot since just after Christmas for a number of reasons out of my control and I have been getting anxious to get back into the swing of it.  There… Read More

went to the allotment this Sunday for the first time in two weeks.  With the days getting shorter after work visits are out of the question and I have so much I want to do during my precious two days off a week that there is only time for a visit of a couple of hours, normally on a Sunday morning.  Last week my visit was cancelled due to thick fog which… Read More

It is one year this weekend since I got my allotment and what a steep learning curve its been. It is interesting to look back at the photos I took a year ago (see above), even I had forgotten how rough it was.  Just a ploughed bit of field full of perennial weeds and with a good smattering of stones.  A year ago I was having a real dilemma about taking on… Read More