The Patient Gardener


If we were having a cup of tea right now I would be telling you about my fab weekend at the Alpine Garden Society annual conference. I learnt all sorts of things, many of them not to do with plants.  For example I learnt that New Zealand’s only native mammals are bats (is that right Yvonne?) which makes it strange that the Speargrass (Aciphylla), a native, is a very prickly thing when… Read More

P A quick post today as I am away for the weekend in Stratford upon Avon attending the annual Alpine Garden Society AGM and conference. The theme of the conference is Reaching for the Heights and so far today we have explored the mountain heights of Turkey and also Nepal.  The Turkey talk was by the Wallis, well known for growing amazing bulbs so this talk was very appealing to me –… Read More

I have never ever won any trophy for anything so you can imagine how thrilled I am at winning the trophy above.  It is  even better given that the trophy is a wooden bowl when you consider my eldest son is a wood turner so we have a passion for wood in my house. I won the trophy at the Alpine Garden Society Malvern show which was held today at the RHS… Read More

Last year I posted about attending my local Alpine Garden Society’s annual show and it was attending this show that made me decide to have a go at entering plants into shows. It’s interesting how different the plants exhibited this year are from last year.  The show is always on Easter Monday so we were a week later but it was plain to see how the milder temperatures had resulted in the… Read More

Alpine Easter Show 2013 There is no ‘My Garden This Weekend’  post this week as I have been away at an Alpine Garden Society conference near Stratford for the weekend.  Alpines are a new fascination for me and I discovered the Alpine Garden Society a year ago when someone directed me to their wonderful seed – in my opinion the best seed distribution scheme available. I quickly discovered that the term ‘Alpine’… Read More

Some regular readers will recall that back in May I plucked up the courage to enter some plants into the Malvern Spring Show Open Garden competition and I won a second prize.  The experience gave me some much needed confidence and so it didn’t take much to persuade me to have a go at entering an Alpine Garden Society show today. I had been dithering as usual and the Erodium I was… Read More

You may recall about a month I go I posted about helping the Alpine Garden Society’s seed exchange by sorting donated seeds into smaller packets.  Today I helped with the next stage – making up the orders. I wasn’t sure what to expect and if I am really honest making up the small packets was quite a challenge for tired eyes at the end of the working day but making up the… Read More

You would think as my eye sight was diminishing and I seem to wear my reading glasses on an almost permanent basis these days that becoming interested in alpines wouldn’t be an obvious new direction – but I rarely choose to do the expected. These things inevitably happen in an unexpected way and my new curiosity was caused by a conversation on Twitter.  There are a number of nurserymen and plantaholics on… Read More