The Patient Gardener


Continuing with the stuck in the sofa theme of the last post my Vase On Monday isn’t a vase but a potted Hippeastrum. I love Hippeastrums, or Amaryllis as we used to call them. They remind me of my aunt’s mother who always had a very tall leggy red one by her chair by the fire. They always had a knitting needle or two stuck in the post to support the flower heads… Read More

When I was growing up we frequently visited my Aunt’s mother’s house.  Mrs Barker, as I called her, was the lady who inspired my horticultural passions.  They lived in a semi-detached in Hounslow on the outskirts of London and she had one of those long thin gardens with the concrete path down the middle to access the washing line. However, she also had a greenhouse, full of plants, which was a real… Read More

We have been getting very festive this weekend in readiness for Christmas.  As my youngest and I were finishing school and work on the 19th, we decided to wait until then to start putting up the decorations.  However, the odd bit of festive cheer, such as the Poinsettia above, had started to creep in. I know some people hate Poinsettias but I quite like them – well for a couple of weeks. … Read More