The Patient Gardener


If you thought protecting natural species and the environmental movement was a 20th century phenomon then you would be wrong.  According to Andrea Wulf in The Founding Gardeners, James Madison, the fourth President of the US, was way ahead of everyone else.  In May 1818 in his Address to the Agriculture Society of Albemarle railed against “the excessive destruction of timber” and the affect of man increasing “certain plants an animals –… Read More

I have been most distracted recently with a book my brother-in-law gave me for Christmas.  Admittedly I had told him that I wanted the book or I wouldn’t have got it.  The book? The Brother Gardeners by Andrea Wulf.  His response to the book – “What sort of gardening book is that with no pictures”! But it isn’t a gardening book; it is a garden history book and a pretty fantastic one… Read More