The Patient Gardener


With assisting my youngest and his girlfriend move into their new home and attending a fireworks championships at nearby Eastnor Castle yesterday evening, time in the garden has been a little restricted this weekend.  But with a late season sun, hinting at the possibility of an Indian Summer, it was lovely to find a couple of hours today to spend outside. There is so much to do especially because the recent cool… Read More

It is definitely high, or some might say late, summer as the Ligularia ‘Britt Marie Crawford’ has started to flower.  I have to say I am surprised as it has been so dry this year and I thought the Ligularia would struggle.  Admittedly the display isn’t has stunning as other years but it is still good. The Japanese Anemones have started to flower, again another late summer flower.  I love this plant… Read More

It continued hot and dry during the week and I and the plants were struggling. However, on Saturday the temperature dropped to around 24C and we had good cloud cover and a steady breeze which made life much happier.  Its amazing the difference a slightly lower temperature can make to your enthusiasm for gardening.  I weeded the border opposite the Big Border which hasn’t been given a name.  Despite being on the… Read More

I was stunned at how much the garden had filled out in the week we were in Cornwall.  Its like the plants had put on weight, well the established plants.  The dahlias and annuals don’t seem to have done much at all over the last week but hopefully they will get going soon. Looking at the garden on Saturday it was back to the old situation of not knowing where to start… Read More

Those that know me well will shortly be saying, “I told you so”, “I knew you wouldn’t resist”.  Why? Well despite my assertions last year that I wasn’t going to buy seeds of flowering plants this year I have already succumbed.  But who can blame me when the seed catalogue from Special Plants slipped innocently through the letterbox on a cold and wet day.  How could I resist those photographs of sunny… Read More

  I’m pleased with my pots, baskets and tubs so far this year.  Above is a trough that is outside my kitchen window.  I’m slightly concerned that if the plants continue growing at the rate they have been that my kitchen may get very dark.  In this trough there are some geraniums that I bought as tiny plug plants, Salpiglossis and Verbena – all grown from seed.    I have two of… Read More