The Patient Gardener


A gorgeous day in the garden here in Malvern.  Whilst there has been a cool wind, when the sun shone it was almost t-shirt warm.  Especially when you are rapidly going up and down a sloping garden moving pots around. As I hope to do Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post on Monday I thought I would try and avoid flowering photos.  So my first photo is a Cornus backlit by the sun. … Read More

To say I am pleased with my Arisaema speciousum would be an understatement.  I am really really thrilled with them; oh yes there isn’t just one there are 5 of them.  I grew them from seed 3 years ago not really expecting much to happen. In fact I had some other Arisaema seeds which never germinated. I was initially excited with the seedlings which were most strange looking producing miniature versions of… Read More

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the exotic seeds I had bought; giving into tempation due to the sale. I sowed the Arisaema speciosum Double Whip Cobra Lily seeds straight away after soaking them for 24 hours.  I thought they would germinate quickly as there were already signs of life when I unpacked them.  I was meant to use sterile compost but as I hadn’t worked out how to get… Read More