The Patient Gardener


If you were to ask me if I liked variegated foliage I wouldn’t immediately say yes but then again I wouldn’t immediately say no either.  It’s not something I have a firm opinion on and I don’t really understand why some people say such things as ‘I don’t like yellow flowers in my garden’ as there are so many shades of yellow, different shaped flowers and it depends on different light etc. … Read More

I have found it much easier to come up with shots for the Foliage Follow Up post this month than the Garden Blogger Bloom Day post.  I love foliage and I think it really comes into its own at this time of year. A favourite since childhood is Stachys byzantina, or as we called it when I was little, Lambs Ear. Sticking to the grey tones there is Pulmonaria which has been… Read More

I had a wander round the garden tonight to see what was and what wasn’t coping with the heat.  I was thrilled to see this weird flower bud emerging This is an Arum Korolkowii.  I bought it last year from a rare plant fair as I liked the leaves but it was only a seedling then and the plant seller was vague about what the flower would look like. I couldnt find a… Read More