The Patient Gardener


Having managed to do the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post in a timely fashion this month I thought I would also join Pam over at Digging in the Foliage Follow Up.  I have read Pam’s blog ever since I started blogging some 8 years ago and met her when I went to the Garden Bloggers Fling in San Francisco.  Having a growing preference for foliage it is a logical meme for me… Read More


Today is a day that I have been dreading for a few months now.  It’s a year since my sister died of meningitis.  The past year has seen me blundering through the process of grief and trying to find a way to cope.  I had a real dilemma today, my parents and BIL were going out for lunch to mark the day but this just didn’t seem right for me.  I felt… Read More

I have never liked extremes of temperature so never much been an enthusiast of Summer heat or Winter cold.  The milder more temperature climates of Spring and Autumn are far more conducive to my well-being.  I like Spring because of the positiveness of the season; coming out the of dreariness of Winter there are lots of signs of promising beginnings with new shots and buds  appearing  and the prospect of lots of… Read More

Finally managed to get out into the garden this weekend and start the big autumn clean up.  I have been getting increasingly fustrated as due to the weather and major work in the house I haven’t been able to get on and I could see the garden descending into even more chaos then normal.  Saturday was a glorious autumn day with the sun shining and filtering through the overhead coppery leaves, like… Read More