The Patient Gardener


October has been a kind month to this gardener.  We have had generally dry weekends with milder temperatures than normal allowing me to spend some quality time in the garden.  My efforts have been small but widespread and really have been little more than planting out bulbs and some perennials.  I have spent as much time looking, peering and pondering. As you can see the Field Maple, I think that is what… Read More

There is nothing better for the soul than a couple of hours in the garden, steadily working through a border, clearing and tidying especially on a grey damp Autumn day when any garden time feels like a gift. I have been cutting back, weeding and collecting leaves in the borders either side of the grass path, although its more of a mud path at the moment and I really do need to… Read More

Having spent quite a few hours in the garden this weekend tidying up after nearly a month of bad weather I found myself smiling at Victoria’s post about her winter garden.  In particular it was her confession of being a neatnik that amused me.  Not only is it a peculiar expression but it connected with my musings whilst collecting leaves and cutting back collapsed perennials. There has been much over the last… Read More

Finally, after three weekends of not being able to get in the garden due to two colds and family commitments I managed to spend quite a bit of time indulging myself this weekend. It was a little chilly to start with but hard work soon warmed me up and I even avoided coughing fits which have plagued me for four weeks. My first priority was to get my raspberry canes in.  I… Read More