The Patient Gardener


I thought I would join in with Katarina’s weekly meme – Blooming Friday – the theme this week is not surprisingly Christmas.  I must start my apologising as my photos are not up to my normal standard.  It is gloomy outside and the camera flash etc has caused shadows etc but there you go. Anyway, me and flowering houseplants isn’t the best of combinations.  In fact me and houseplants of any kind… Read More

I had a wander round the garden tonight to see what was and what wasn’t coping with the heat.  I was thrilled to see this weird flower bud emerging This is an Arum Korolkowii.  I bought it last year from a rare plant fair as I liked the leaves but it was only a seedling then and the plant seller was vague about what the flower would look like. I couldnt find a… Read More

Love this view of a Fatsia – looks very tropical and exotic. Everything is coming out in the garden and there is a wonderful sense of anticipation.  My Azalea has started to come out in flower – I’m sure it is early.  It has ridiculously large white flowers which are totally out of proportion to the size of the plant, so much so that when it is completely in flower it looks… Read More