The Patient Gardener


This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is illumination.  When I sat and thought about this word and what is meant to me I had images of the amazing illuminated manuscripts of ancient documents but a photograph of something like that was out of the question – well this week anyway.  However, this thinking led me along a religious route and reminded me of the amazing stained glass windows at La… Read More

Sometimes the things we are least interested in turn out to be the things that really blow us away. Whilst I was aware of how large and eccentric the Sagrada Familia was from my research and from the view from my hotel I hadn’t anticipated the impact actually entering the building would have.  I’m not a religious person in the sense that I have little time for organised religion but I know… Read More

I have been away for a bit of a holiday with my two  sons (19 and 21).  We have  spent five days in Barcelona although when you take out travel time it was about four days. Having left a wet, soggy, grey Britain behind it was quite wonderful to arrive in a sunny and hot city – although the novelty of this started to wear by the end of the trip.  As… Read More