The Patient Gardener


It’s been a long bank holiday weekend which theoretically means lots of gardening.  However, as I have intimated nearly every week for the last couple of months I keep feeling tired. (I should add at this point that I have been to the doctors and had various tests and the doctor says I am just working too hard with too much stress). This morning I thought I was coming down with a cold… Read More

I returned from a heat wave in San Francisco to a heat wave here which has only just ended.  It has left the garden dry and frazzled especially the front garden which has less shade than the back.  I can’t remember when the front lawn was last cut but luckily as it is full of clover and other ‘weeds’ it has retained most of its greenness without the need to water. Sadly… Read More

So it’s the end of November which means that Christmas is just round the corner, or so the shops and media would have us believe.  I have decided to start a new End of Month series focussing for the next year on the front garden.  I have a love/hate relationship with my front garden which is why it rarely appears on my blog so this is a form of aversion therapy and… Read More