The Patient Gardener


The Council of Perfection dictates many things particularly when pruning is mentioned.  However, the Council of Perfection does not work full-time in a demanding job and over commit itself to too many things in the evenings so it will have to except my lackadaisical approach to the hedges. There are two hedges in the front garden both planted by myself to give privacy.  Between myself and my neighbours there is a beech… Read More

I noticed this morning that unlike the back garden the autumn leaves in the front garden are predominantly yellow.  Whilst I do like the fiery reds of autumn I find the buttery yellows quite soothing. The beech hedge along one of my boundaries particularly intrigues  me.  If you look at the photograph above you will see that one end has already turned a dry copper and then as you come up the… Read More

I’m lucky to live in Malvern in Worcestershire and to be surrounded by this magnificant scenery.  This is the view from my local supermarket car park.  Having seen so many posts on blogs about Autumn colour and especially those of my American friends I have found myself looking with new eyes at the trees around me.  As you can see from the photo above, apart from the trees which are planted in… Read More