The Patient Gardener


I agreed to review The Bee: A Natural History by Noah Wilson-Rich because I was curious to know more about bees.  As a garden blogger who uses social media extensively I have felt bombarded in the last year or so about the demise of the bee and how we have to help them.  I am of course aware that recently bees have suffered from viruses but given that the number of bees… Read More

The plant of the moment is definitely the Digitalis ferruginea also known as the Rusty Foxglove.  I grew these from seed probably two years ago and this is their first year of flowering and the wait has certainly been worth it. Why Rusty Foxglove? Well I think the colours give  that away and the stem of the species name ferrum means iron so you can see how the common name came about…. Read More

The art of fruit-growing is all a little obscure to me. However, I am an eternally curious person so leaped at the chance last week to visit the top fruit grower in the country.  This visit was an unexpected bonus when I was on my pests and diseases workshop.  We popped 5 minutes up the road from the garden we were based in and found ourselves amongst acres of spanish tunnels full… Read More