The Patient Gardener


This meme has made me somewhat obsessive about seeking out something to put in a vase on Monday.  I realised that this was the case when I got quite excited to spot some bergenia flowers when my eldest moved his car yesterday and bored him on the subject all the way to the supermarket he was taking me to (I had hurt my arm so wasn’t driving). I have to be honest… Read More

I have found it much easier to come up with shots for the Foliage Follow Up post this month than the Garden Blogger Bloom Day post.  I love foliage and I think it really comes into its own at this time of year. A favourite since childhood is Stachys byzantina, or as we called it when I was little, Lambs Ear. Sticking to the grey tones there is Pulmonaria which has been… Read More

It’s funny how Spring really creeps up on you and then suddenly you realise it has sprung when your back was turned. I have had various spring bulbs flowering for some weeks now starting with snowdrops and winter aconites and leading up to the narcissus.  However, this afternoon on returning from the allotment I realised that some of my favourite plants had joined the display.  Not least the Prunus tree I inherited… Read More

At last I have more than 3 or 4 blooms to include in this month’s Garden Blogger Bloom Day post.  Spring is definitely here. A lot of colour in my garden at the moment is coming from various Primulas.  I have a growing fascination with them and have realised that the number and variety in my garden is increasing.  Many I have grown from seed but one or two I have bought. … Read More

I said in my last post that I had been to a talk by Bob Brown about plants for difficult areas and I had bought some plants.  Some of you asked what I had bought so here they are:- Bergenia ‘Rosi Klose’ – not the most glamorous of plants but I wanted some for the front garden.  I am planning to plant most of it up so it looks after itself and… Read More