The Patient Gardener


This round up of the year is becoming a bit of a tradition and it is nice to spend a quiet hour or so on a winter’s evening between Christmas and the New Year going through photographs of the year. 2014 has been a busy year, full of change – some good, some not so.  We were lucky to escape snow in the winter but it was wet and chilly so I… Read More

..after 5 years of service I have rewarded my beloved camera by dropping on the hard kitchen floor and breaking it!  What an idiot!  I am so cross with myself and more upset than I thought possible. I have had the camera for five years so almost the life of this blog.  It has been everywhere with me, always in my handbag.  We have travelled to many gardens, the Olympics, Spain, Italy,… Read More

I have been playing around over the last couple of weeks with a new blog and unsurprisingly the hardest bit has been coming up with a name for it. It started off as ‘Patiently Crocheting’ but that really didn’t trip off the tongue and I quickly realised that I wanted something that I could use for all sorts of crafts. I dabble in sewing, knitting, embroidery as well as crochet. I have… Read More