The Patient Gardener


I’ve been moving a lot of plants around over the last couple of weeks partly to clear the Big Border for edibles but also to address some of the plants that have outgrown their space or just aren’t looking great any more.  It has made be really aware of how dry the soil was becoming and I have found myself having to get the hose out several times a week to try… Read More

I have finally got my act together and am joining in with the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day meme for the first time in 2017. I thought I would start with Dicentra spectablis ‘Valentine’ as I moved it last Autumn, from a position where it was hidden and sad, and it has rewarded me with some wonderful blooms. I featured my new tulips in my last post.  This is a lone tulip which… Read More

In response to my fidgeting the other day my eldest son offered me a challenge – to climb to the top of each of the Malvern Hills.  Now to many people this really isn’t much of a challenge, after all they are hardly the Scottish Munros.  However, I really don’t do enough exercise and have been saying for a while that I need to get fit.  I live on the lower slopes… Read More

I haven’t done a Garden Bloggers Bloom Day post  for months.  I seem to forget and by the time I notice others the date has passed.  But I’m only one day late this time so hopefully Carol at May Dreams who hosts this meme will forgive me! Like many other gardens in the UK mine took a real hammering over winter and I have been waiting to see what has survived and… Read More

In an attempt to get fit, which I am most certainly not, I have started to go for regular walks on the  Malvern Hills. With such a wonderful landscape no more than 10 minutes from my door it seems daft to waste money on joining a gym and to be honest I can’t think of anything more boring than spending time on a running machine. The views are stunning before you even… Read More

These are my tulips of which I am very proud.  Having had a complete failure with tulips planted in the borders last year, probably due to the clay soil, I decided to plant some in pots.  I bought these from Sarah Raven as I have bought seeds from her in the past and they have been good so I thought I would give her bulbs a go – unfortunately I cant for the life… Read More