The Patient Gardener


I had a lie in last Sunday morning, an unusual event recently but well overdue.  The only problem is that it meant my mind was wandering around (I had been woken by my mad cat demanding to be let out at 6am so was wide awake!).  I started thinking about Bog Garden which really isn’t very boggy and is one of those parts of the garden that I walk past averting my… Read More

I have illusions of grandeur and have created what I like to call the bog garden all of which makes me sound like I am auditioning to play Miranda Hart’s mother.  The reason for this grandiose pretension is that I grew to dislike my wildlife pond with vengeance. The pond has been in for about 7 years ever since we pulled down a ridiculously huge conifer which we inherited with the house… Read More

With the arrival of some much needed rain over the last few weeks my son and I have finally started on some of the projects I had planned for the garden.  I must admit I am lucky to have a very practical son to  help me out with my plans. Last weekend he cleared the top corner of the  garden and took away 6 years of twigs, branches and other woody detritus. … Read More

The garden is looking shabby and unloved at the end of this month and my excuse is that it is autumn but if I am honest it has looked a bit like this  for most of the year.  However, the tide of indecision is  turning as I  am slowly but surely moving forward with my plans.  Although  this has resulted in some lost sleep as I wake up in the early hours… Read More

Changes are a foot in my garden or they will be in a month or two when the weather is more conducive to moving things and digging. I have been struggling for some time, in fact at least 6 months if not a year, to really engage with my garden.  I have planted things and tidied but I have felt I was gardening for the sake of it and from a distance. … Read More

Finally made some progress on this area today – unfortunately it doesnt look like my original plan for a Bog Garden is going to work.  I had planned to cure the drainage problem by digging a big hole in the corner, filling it with gravel and topping off with compost and then planting bog plants in it.  However, as I started to dig the hole it rapidly filled up with water –… Read More

This Easter I am hoping to finally sort out th draining on my patio.  I moved here 4 years ago and have had to cope with the flooding on the patio everytime we have heavy rain.  My soil is thick clay and for some reason I seem to get all the water from mine and my neighbours garden running into the corner of my patio.  I have had a quote for putting… Read More