The Patient Gardener


I love Bryans Ground in Herefordshire. It’s just one of those places that always delights me and which oozes with the spirit of the owners, so much character and personality.  I have visited probably four times over recent years but haven’t managed a visit for the last couple of years so it was interesting to see the changes. The house is typical Arts and Crafts style having been built in 1913.  The… Read More

The other week I took a couple of blogging friends to Bryans Ground in Herefordshire, my favourite garden.  I had raved about this garden so I  was a little nervous about their reaction – you can read Victoria’s view here. I haven’t visited this garden at the start of the season before so this was the first time I had seen the mass planting of Iris siberica in flower.  It was really… Read More

There are times in life when you find yourself transported back to an earlier experience  either by a smell, sight or sound.  Today was one of those days. Bryan’s Ground in Herefordshire, right on the Welsh border, is the garden of the creators of Hortus. It nestles in the rolling countryside just above Presteigne overlooking water meadows towards, I believe, the Welsh Black Mountains.  In my last post I wrote about the… Read More