Surprises and Expectations

IMG_3482 1

What a surprise! 5th December and the first snowdrop is flowering in my garden.  Even more surprising is that it isn’t Galanthus Ding Dong which I know I have and thought was my earliest snowdrop.  I can’t find a label with it and I have been very careful in labelling snowdrops with substantial black labels which will stand out but there is nothing here at all.  I am completely mystified as to what it is.  I will have to wait until the flower opens properly and then maybe someone can id it for me.  I will also do some rummaging through my label box to see if there are any clues there.

Primula palinuri
Primula palinuri

I am not completely inept when it comes to labels and plant names.  I know that this is Primula palinuri grown from AGS seed probably 3 years ago.  It flowered for the first time last year in time for the Boxing Day Flower Count but then it was living in the greenhouse cosseted and pampered.  It has spent the summer out on the patio amongst the various pots and for some reason was overlooked when I moved all the tenders back under cover but it seems to be doing very well despite the buffeting it has received in recent days.

IMG_3478 1

This out of focus photo represents expectations.  It shows one of three emerging flower heads on my Edgeworthia.  I am very hopeful that this year, year 2, there will be good flowers.  It is planted within sight of my living room window so hopefully it will be something to cheer me through the winter.

IMG_3475 1

And adding to my expectations of a floriferous spring is this unknown Camellia.  It is positively groaning with flower buds given its size and I have noticed that the rhododendrons and, very exciting, the witch hazel are full of flower buds which I think is as a result of the mild and damp summer we have had.

Whatever the reason it gives you something to look forward to in the New Year, which is always good.

GBBD – March 2010


I have decided to re-christen this month’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day as Garden Bloggers Bud Day.  Apart from the Crocus, Snowdrops and Irises there is not much in flower in the garden but there is certainly alot on the  verge of breaking into flower. I am really anticipating the Hellebores  opening, I have a yellow one in flower but now some of the more run of the mill ones are about the burst forth which is always a delight.

Still there is no sign of the Daffodils which were adorning the garden this time last year.  However, I did discover these Daffodil buds which hopefully will be opening in the next few days if the weather holds.

The Camellias are also getting ready to burst open with their volumptious flowers. This time last year there was far more in flower in the garden and also more leaves showing.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before the garden comes alive.

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Survivors of the snow

We have had a thaw the last two days a there are now only a few small areas left in the garden where the snow remains.  The sun was shining this morning so  I decided to have a waunder around the garden to see if  there were any casulties.  Back at the beginning  of December I invested in a 10ft long cloche or  mini poly tunnel which I put over all my seedlings from the last growing season.  I was a little tardy in  purchasing the cloche so when I  finally got it the plants had already been frosted. However having shaken off the snow today and peering inside most of the  plants seem to have held up well.  Which is a relief.


I was pleased to see my Fatsia had recovered and is looking lush and healthy.  A couple of days ago the  leaves were like old rags.

My Sarcocca hookeriana humilis (Christmas Box) has also emerged from under a blanket of snow complete with fat little slower buds.  I am really looking forward to these opening since I only bought the plant last year and that was after the flowers had finished so I will be interested to see if the scent lives up to its expectations.

One of my Camellias is also looking as thought it won’t be long before it puts on its show which I am really looking forward to.

Having looked a a depressive monochrome picture for at least two weeks it is a real relief to see the signs that Spring isn’t that far away.