Sneaky Preview – Malvern show gardens

Deb's garden at lunchtime today
Deb's garden at lunchtime today

I have had a fantastic day today working down at the Malvern showground helping Deb’s with her garden.  Poor old Debs has struggled with the garden, especially yesterday because of the heavy wind and rain we had on Saturday night.  She had to do a lot of rescuing so was dispirited this morning and I think she would agree running out of steam.

There was a really nice atmosphere at the showground with people beavering away and chatting when they took their break.  The photo above is of the one corner of the 25th Anniversary Garden. Claire Potter was busy going through the plants they had planted yesterday  tidying them up.  The photo doesn’t show how good the planting is, the textures of the leaves and the combination of flower colours really works.

some of the empty pots from the Anniversary Garden
Some of the empty pots from theAnniversary Garden
The water feature in the Anniversary garden is nearly complete

The Anniversary garden uses the Malvern Hills and in particular British Camp as its inspiration.  You can see the earthworks in the photo above.  The water feature in the middle will have water flowing over the top and down through the pavers.  The Anniversary garden will be remaining for a few months after the show so is planted properly as opposed to the other showgardens where the plants are planted in their pots.  For those visiting on Thursday and possibly Friday you will be able to walk through the Anniversary garden.

The situation for the bloggers meet up area!

The weather today was really changeable.  One minute we were hot, then it started raining and then we had a strong  cold wind.  There were some moments when I  watched as marquees looked like  they were going to take off.

View across the Chris Beardshaw mentorship gardens

I was amazed at how complete some of the gardens seemed given that they still have one and half days left before judging.  Alex Bell said this was because the good weather the previous week had  allowed people to get ahead.  Alex was very kind and helped Deb put in a low willow fence across the front of her garden.

Deb's garden with plants waiting to be planted

By  the time I left at 5 today we had painted most of the fence, the box balls were in and the willow fence was built.  Deb now has the fun bit to do, planting the plants, plus finishing the painting and also weaving the willow den.  I think she can do it and it will look fab.

I think those of you coming to the show will be very impressed with quality and number of gardens this year; in fact I was told there were more showgardens at Malvern this year than there will be at Chelsea.  The other thing is that as Malvern is a smaller show than Chelsea you can get up close to the gardens and have a really good look.

I have a pass to go back on Wednesday evening when all the gardens are finished to take more pics so check back for another sneaky preview.  Looking forward to meeting lots of you at the bloggers meet up.