The Patient Gardener

For the love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but always grows and grows to an enduring and ever-increasing source of happiness – Gertrude Jekyll



Wordless Wednesday – Undercover Bulb



Wordless Wednesday – Nerine humilis ‘Alba’

This week’s obsessions

Note to self: plant more of these for next year amongst the grasses. I really discovered Dutch Irises a few years ago but last year the penny dropped that you really need to plant them amongst grasses or grassy looking... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday 4/5/16 – Trillium albidum

Wordless Wednesday 20/4/16 – Anemone coronaria ‘Bordeaux’

Wordless Wednesday 5/4/16 – Anemone pavonina

In a Pot on Monday – Unexpected Bloom

There is no vase from me today as everything is rather soggy and I have been distracted by a surprise find in the greenhouse this week.  Having a tidy up and jiggling things around I discovered that Hippeastrum 'Ever Green'... Continue Reading →

Arisaema consanguineum

My current favourite plant in the garden is Arisaema consanguineum.  A new addition this year from Dryad Nursery, one of those small mail order nurseries that have all sorts of hidden delights available during a small window of opportunity each... Continue Reading →

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