The Patient Gardener


Bulbs have been dominating my thoughts for a couple of weeks now not least because my bulb orders arrived about several weeks ago and until two days ago I hadn’t got around to opening the boxes and checking the orders.  Last weekend I was distracted with taking down hanging baskets and potting up tender plants to overwinter so this weekend was earmarked for planting bulbs.  There was only one problem I couldn’t… Read More

I invested in some new lilies this year as I wanted something different to the Stargazer Lilies – they were just too pink for me.  I went for two types of lilies that I discovered lurking at the back of a display in one of my local garden centres.  I bought them back in January and was completely sold by the photos on the packaging.  The first lily has put on growth … Read More

This weekend we ventured out in the ice and snowy slush to a garden centre.  Its not my local garden centre but Three Shires Garden Centre near Newent in Gloucestershire which is about 30 mins from here.  It was so nice to be looking forward to spring instead of worrying about rescuing plants from the snow and wondering if they will reshoot come the spring.  Although the sun was shining the garden centre… Read More

Yesterday the weather was just about warm enough for me to brave the garden for an hour – with plenty of layers on.  It was nice to get some fresh air and engage with the garden again after what seems like forever due to the bad weather and Christmas. I was thrilled to discover the buds above on one of my hellebores.  I bought it 2 years ago on my birthday but… Read More